Sunday 25 October 2020

gojek and Solv!

gojek and Solv!

Dear World,

Came across this Super App gojek! Could not resist but writing about it!

Meet gojek!

Almost everyone in Southeast Asia, if not the entire world, has now heard about or used ‘gojek’ services. Not many know exactly what it means though. The name is a combination play on universal ‘Go’ with the Indonesian word for motorcycle taxis - ojek.

Don’t really want to talk about all the services that the App offers now to the users. Perhaps a user will get tired with the unlimited possibilities and services that are on offer to take. Don’t worry! One can even avail a therapeutic massage from gojek, to be completely stress free and to rejuvenate the soul, body and mind.

No doubt that the now ‘Super App’ evolved from hiring motorcycle rides in Indonesia. Currently, the App simply ‘Solv’es everyday problems and effects positive social impact.

Everything about gojek is in big numbers. Millions of users, drivers and merchants benefit from the App. Billions of dollars of economic impact to the Indonesian government. But, what is amazing is the company’s Technology Mantra to ‘build startups within a startup’.

With gojek, you can GoPay, GoSend, GoFood, GoMart and just Go and do anything you want. In one word, you can ‘GoFree’ of day-to-day operational challenges, and don’t worry about the cost involved with every service; it is negligible and saves money for all – gojek to build a region’s economy, after all.

When rest of the world says ‘Go check for something good!’ when it comes to Mobile Apps for getting anything done, Southeast Asia proudly says ‘gojek for everything good!’

Meet gojek!

Friday 5 July 2019

The 5 Chair Hotel

The 5 Chair Hotel
As I sit down to write about the 5 chair hotel, a lot of striking, closer-to-heart emotions rip through and the recollections take me back to the most precious years in school, just after my adolescence. The school is Regional Engineering College in the inconspicuous city of Trichy, a Southern Indian non-metro.

The campus is not lush green with buildings of architectural excellence. In contrast, the campus is a dry, barren land with buildings of modest outlook and sufficient facilities for the activities of a highly technical educational institution.

There were a couple of cafeterias, a shopping complex with a juice centre and a few more shops where anyone can get a quick bite. Though these joints are still in my faint account, the 5 Chair Hotel comes across strongly as a treasure to cherish.

Everything revolved around the 5 Chair Hotel for most of us in RECT. The Restaurant was, and most probably still is, in the Trichy-Tanjore main road. A stone’s throw from the main gate, the 5CH was strategically located to attract the hungry youth in the hour of need – typically around and after midnight. The business hours are between 10:00 p.m. and 03:00 a.m. The menu includes delicacies with eggs, chicken and roti, among the other chef’s specials.

The ambience boasts unconditional air with open space as dining area and a small roof made of dead plants. The seating capacity is for five - equipped with wooden chairs, some with lay back comfort. The restaurant does not have an official name (other than unofficial SamFox). The tax authorities did not require one – the owner used to tell us. It is the number of chairs that influenced the identity process and later would become as a legendary name for the restaurant – the 5 Chair Hotel. The owner loved it for the sheer rhyme to that of a five star hotel.

The recipes for most of the bill of fare are kept secret. However, the food preparation is done right in front of the hungry youth for dosa, omelette, bull’s eye and muttai parotta. More like the style practised in Japanese restaurants minus the usual gimmicks with knives and sticks. And certainly, the master chef does not throw pieces of muttai parotta in the general direction of student guests.

The making of muttai parotta is an art that involves the skills that of a mathematician, sculptor, architect and a musician. The batter is divided into small globes and every globe would eventually become a parotta. I would fail miserably to describe the process which turns the battered globes – made of flour and water – into parottas. Let me just say the globes are stretched into thin layer as outlying as the shape could hold. The single layer is folded into multiple layers in a spherical shape and then fried with oil until golden brown. I strongly recommend the reader to visit 5CH to see and listen to the music that is orchestrated when the eggs and parotta are mixed together into small pieces using a metal ladle atop greased tava. My feeble attempt can best describe the music as ‘Tangtanang Tanangtanang Tangtanang Tanangtanang’.

Everything revolved around the 5 Chair Hotel, I told. The mid-night tennis ball cricket games, last minute preparations for the examinations (bi-weekly, internal and the semester exams), the late night walks for better health, the late night walks to spoil health (the 5CH boasts a varied collections of cigarettes as part of the dessert menu), the expeditions to the local touring talkies, the rehabilitation counselling to the Devotees Of Perfect Eternity (the user group of narcotics – DOPE) and the bedtime story telling routine - judiciously practised as a round-robin, among the special interest groups.

Everything revolved around the 5CH. Everything was scheduled between 10:00 p.m. and 03:00 a.m. The favourite dialogue among the friends, along with the morning news, used to be about the Chef’s special they had at the 5CH the previous night. Due to the unconventional business hours, the 5CH invites only the male guests. The unwritten rule expects that the guests are engineers OR pursuing to be engineers. The owner frowns upon the trespassing drivers and probably charges them more to discourage using the academic facility.

The time was 1991-1994. After two decades and half, and after a few memberships with star hotel chains, I still openly yearn for a late night walk towards the 5CH in the dry, barren lands of my Alma mater – to savour the chef’s special of the night.

Wednesday 13 July 2016

Meet My friends series: Dr. Sakthivel!

Meet Mr. Sakthivel! True to the first part of his name, he understands that the real power is in feminine form in this world, at his home and in his whatsApp groups. The second part of his name, in Tamil, denotes a weapon. Though divine, the weapon can qualify to be as dangerous as any other sharp edged armory. However, the man himself is not armed. In fact, his own bodily arms are used only for folding to extend respect to others and clapping against other’s achievements, however much silly or insignificant they may be.

The man does not own stocks of the commercial group ‘Lodha’ in Mumbai. He is not a known authority in the literary skills of ‘Tamil’. But, when those two words are put together, he is the single most authority in the township. Anywhere, if someone talks about Lodha and Tamil or Tamizhar, Dr. Sakthivel’s name will inevitably precede or follow the core conversation. Yes. The man is a doctor. One of the very rare occasions, Dr. Sakthivel will get angry is when he is not called as Dr. Sakthivel (People close to him claim that this change in behavior happened only after he watched a Tamil movie called ‘Sathi Leelavathi’) Dr. Sakthivel is not a modern day Krishna, but clearly is the savior of ‘damsel in distress’ and his status in the WhatsApp groups run by him almost equals to demigod… Meet Dr. Sakthivel!

Tuesday 5 April 2016

ADMK 2.0 launches logo contest – Expand ADMK!

ADMK 2.0 launches logo contest – Expand ADMK! 

The most novel idea will fetch an unimaginable prize!

The persona
Affable Darling Mom Kool
Affectionate Dear Mom Kool

The policy
Always Doing More Kindness

The electoral
Anbu Deivathudan Makkal Kootani
Anybody Dare Move Kazhagam?

Go ahead all! write your comments! Make this viral! The prize is priceless!

Thursday 10 March 2016

Dr. Mallya and India

I am not an economist. I am not sure what this means to Indian economy and finally affects a common man. I can assume a very little, considering huge sums in several political scams. However, having flown KingFisher during Good Times, would like add a fact for the record: Dr. Mallya tried his level best to introduce world class Air Travel Service in India and succeeded to great extent despite losses. He even sold his family silver for a loss making Airlines to keep afloat in the skies, for us to have a 5 star flying experience.

I am not a shrewd businessman. However, I strongly feel that buying off Air Deccan and paying huge sums was his only and greatest mishap in running KingFisher. He made business loss there. Mind you, he brought better service flying those Deccan Aircrafts, re-painted and re-branded and almost for the same cost for an Indian Air traveler and adding the world class service that he always believed an Indian should experience during an Air Travel. He is the best host that an Indian businessman can ever be or can ever become. Period.

As far business loss and settling with banks, I do not know any details and cannot comment. One thing, if any, I have to criticize strongly against Dr. Mallya is – KingFisher not having paid the employees. Whatever the excuse, the employees should have been paid and Dr. Mallya, in exile or not, should arrange to pay the outstanding salaries to the employees. Once done, he is as good as or, in most ways, a better businessman India ever had who treated his customers as guests who visited his home. 

Monday 27 July 2015

Rajavel Thiruvu Weblog: The nation salutes Dr. Kalam!

Rajavel Thiruvu Weblog: The nation salutes Dr. Kalam!: The nation salutes Dr. Kalam – one of India’s greatest guiding fathers – who inspired an entire generation of Indians. Dr. Kalam inspires ...